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Reduction of Maternal Mortality Ratio and Infant Mortality Rates is the High Priority Area for the Government. Providing referral transport to the pregnant women is one of the interventions for reduction of MMR. In order to ensure provision of drop back service to every pregnant women from hospital till home a dedicated fleet of 279 vehicles are positioned
Scope Of Program
  • Talli Bidda Express, through dedicate d vehicles, provides  transportation service (from  hospital to home) to new  mothers who deliver at  Government hospitals. This service is  coordinated by 102 call center which  operates 24X7 . A vehicle is arranged  within 30 minutes of a request. This service provides safe and hygienic transportation and will contribute to  reduction in MMR and IMR 
  • Pregnant women are provided drop back services between 8AM to 6PM. Postnatal women,child and one attendant are transported from Government facility to home.
  • 5,14,147 post natal women have utilized Talli-Bidda Services since the inception of this program.
  • A fleet of 279 vehicles is used across the state.

Key findings by knowledge partner (PGIMER,Chandigarh)
  • Time taken to drop: 50 - 95 mins.
  • Avg. number of Mothers transported/day per vehicle: 3.
  • Mothers given NTR Baby Kit: 94%.
Feedback on Talli Bidda Express through RTGS

11,000 women have provided feedback

  • 93% women delivered in government hospital utilized the service.
  • 97% satisfied with TalliBidda Express and rate it as good.
  • 98% were safely transported to their homes.

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