ANMOL(Auxiliary Nurse Midwife Online)
The Government has provided 15000 Tablet PCs to all the Front line Health workers i.e., ANMs, (first and second ANMs) and their supervisory officers. All ANMs were trained for online updation of RCH data through Tablet PCs.

  • Effective and timely delivery of services of quality, specially to rural population, to ensure better healthcare.
  • Bringing awareness to the remotest urban population, urban slums and unserved community through images, videos and educating them about Government initiatives on health, maintenance of good hygiene, basic health care & precautions.
  • Establish better communication of ANMs with beneficiaries and Doctors tough remote assistance which will improve the quality of services.

  • ANMOL is a Tablet Based version of RCH portal which tracks EC,PW & Children.
  • ANMOL has been piloted in Andhra Pradesh from 1st Feb to 6th Feb in 2 districts - Krishna and Guntur with 1898 ANMs 230 Medical Officers and 130 Master trainers were trained @ 10 per each District.
  • Users Acceptance Test(UAT) has been conducted for one week in two PHCs and final version of ANMOL was ready for rollout in entire Andhra Pradesh.
  • Roll out has been implemented from 14th March to 29th March with 3 days activity in each District with continuous support from MoHFW, GOI and all the field functionaries from 13 Districts.

  • The ANMOL has facilitates in ensuring timely quality service delivery, ensuring universal immunization and helps in positive impact on important health indicators like Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) and Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR).
  • ANMOL acts as a job aid to the ANMs by providing them with readily available information such as due list, dashboard and guidance based on data entered etc. Videos / audios on subjects like high risk pregnancy, immunization, family planning etc are also available in the application for use by ANMs.
Program details

  • Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) Online is an initiative of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare for ensuring delivery of full spectrum of healthcare and immunization services from Eligible Couple to pregnant women and children up to 5 years of age. It is an innovative, tab-based version of RCH Portal to facilitate and monitor service delivery as well as to establish a two way communication between the health service provider and the beneficiary.
  • ANMOL is installed in 11697 Tablet-PC’s of ANM’s and it usage as on date stands at 11542(98%) daily.
  • The ANMOL is an offline app, so ANM can work even without internet facility. Whenever internet is available, the app will allow data to sync to the server in the background.
  • Andhra Pradesh is the first state in India to implement ANMOL application for tracking of services delivered to EC, PW, Children.
  • Support center with url: http// has been established for direct posting of issues/ bugs raised by ANMs during the usage of ANMOL.

    ANMOL has provided 5 major advantages to ANM i.e.,
  • Dashboard of the sub centre with different parameters.
  • Digital integrated RCH register.
  • Village Health & Nutrition Day(VHND) due list and logistics arrangement.
  • Video counselling facility to the beneficiary on different health issues.
  • Work plan on different parameters for daily basis & weekly basis.
Key Performance Indicators
  • Age at Marriage
  • From ANMOL we can get village wise information of Age at Marriage, so as to take up the area specific awareness campaign on Age at Marriage to improve the Mean Age at Marriage.
  • In Mother care
  • Data on HB%, weight of Mother is being recorded in ANMOL from the date of registration and to the date of delivery. This data can be utilised by both ANM & AWW in monitoring the Anaemic status of the Mother. Provision is incorporated in the portal to give Alerts to the ANM and Mother, if Mother, is identified as Anaemic at any status of Pregnancy.
  • In Infant Care
  • The weight of infant is being recorded in ANMOL during all the 7 PNC visits of Infant. This information can be utilised for growth monitoring of the Infant by the both ANM & AWW Immunization status of both Mother and Infant can effectively monitored by the ANM & AWW using the RCH Portal, if the Convergence of ANM & AWW is done.

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